*NEW* 13CT2812 Mobiler Funkplatz

Something interesting below so we’ve decided to feature the video here on the blog. Apart from a Team Expert 1 or CRT 2000 with its 6 pin microphone, external signal meter it is looking really good in the Go Box. I know Dieter runs a similar idea or has run one with a Jackson II back in the day. Enjoy the video.

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  1. no its great the lad can do it with any thing he wants, now I am a ham and its comments like that has put me of been a ham . great video and a great idea some hams just think there better then god, you get a lot nicer people on the cb


    • Anyone can comment but this email address is used now by multiple names, with same address. I’ll have to sadly delete the email address I suppose


  2. ..all the nice money for this scrap would be better spent in one prof. ham-license 😉
    (the range with a yaesu 2m rig is in case much better like these “suitecase” LOL)


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