President Ronald OOTB QC

Thanks to Scottie W for sending me the latest details of Tim at Snake Radio Customs set up of the President Ronald. Like I’m prone to saying always it’s every tech’s way to set something up and change it as they feel to do it. And as well documented before I’m NOT A FAN of the Ronald as believe it needs changes. I’ve asked about these changes but it gets no further than “nobody else complains about it” Funny! I’ve multiple messages about it. Below the video.

Moans And Groans:

A: 24 MHz AM/FM nobody needs but 2760125-2799125 as band M or N people need as currently firmware makes 2760125 channel 16 like in a 1980’s era export radio

B: 27185 is channel 19 and 27195 is channel 19A and not channel 20

C: Sometimes my echo shows on and it’s off, and off when it’s on

And why is every radio Ronald 12/10m where is the new Ronald….

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