*NEW* News Round Up

So it’s August and places across Europe are on holiday so it’s time to say what’s around and what’s not. As we know President released the long awaited Bill as part of the 12 months of President. CRT at almost the same time released the Xenon in short supplies and we expect shortly to see the Avanti …………… and also now the Stryker SR-25MC is released. All radios share a similar chassis but all have something different inside.

“DUAL’ It’s pre-announcement will come in September at the European Truck Festival in Brescia Italy. Some think it’s a CB, some think it’s a Mike and someone from a midlandeurope address wrote this below on the blog.

So we will see I suppose.

McKinley EU announced with possibly release date early next year or late this year. I was excited but now I’m worried! I’ve my reasons and I’ll see what happens but I was excited and now it’s moved onto worry.

Nanfone: News arrives there terrible unreliable SSB radio will rise again with updates soon. Tomorrow we’ve more news.

Cobra: According to Bob K in Chicago it’s still up for sale but they are looking at facilities in China to launch a series of new radios and have a new buying office in Hong Kong.

Ranger: News is it’s up for sale and I’m told via CB guys in USA it’ll go to RF Limited.

Maxon, CRE, Alinco: Not much heard accept limited supplies of DR-135UK are back for sale.

Midland CB: There association with Nanfone is bringing down a very good family company of very many years. Putting profit over quality is a mistake, a glaring one and not paying attention to detail. Midland M-5 Brilliant idea but irregular volume, 1 loud and 2 break your ears is a problem really.

(BUT) All resellers know best, ultimately an engineer with a pen and coat knows more than users. So nobody listens to users, we are understood and walked over. Till resellers listen and learn and just count profit over quality then we are one word? And that’s screwed.

If you sell Skoda you’ve a driving license, if your a chef you try your food but in CB if your an engineer you don’t use CB. You look at machines over the thoughts of users and practicality. In the old days at Microsoft they’d give employees “there own dog food to eat” meaning it was tested on internal end users before Joe Bloggs or John Doe received it in an update.

So resellers watch the video above and learn. Buy this new designer chair for your engineers and when end CB users feel pain then let us share it with those who show end users contempt and are not interested. Nobody likes feedback it’s a fact but you email people and get no response. Your email ignored! So the end user needs to share there pain, anger, frustration with those who ignore it! WeSYP (We Share Your Pain) Go by the chairs for those engineers who don’t listen…

As it states on the video “the techie side of things needs to be more accountable”

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