*NEW* tti TCB-881N €124.95

Guess you’ll all remember the look of this radio well it’s back again and it’s lost a little weight and has a new factory making it. Gone has Made In Korea and it’s now Made In China. It’s still got its features from last time around but they are improved and the radios shorter so can fit easier than last time.

Frequency Bands:

EC CEPT 40CH FM 4 watts

E Spain 40CH AM/FM 4wats

F France 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH AM 1 watt

PL Poland 40CH AM/FM 4 watts (+ / – 5KHz)

UK UK 40CH FM 4watts

UE UK 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH CEPT (EC) 4 watts

I Italy 40CH AM/FM 4 watts

I2 Italy 34CH AM/FM 4 watts

D Germany 80CH FM 4 watts / 12CH AM 1 watt

D2 Germany 40CH FM 4 watts / 12CH AM 1 watt

EU Europe 40CH FM 4 watts / 40CH AM 1 watt


The above specifications don’t look ok if these are correct from the site. EU with 1w AM and UK with just FM it appears and no AM. Maybe wrong but maybe ask at the dealers before hand.

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