*NEW* Stryker SR-25MC Check Out

So we’ve got an SR-25MC here at the blog and at the moment I’m in the process of trying to remove I guess glue that’s partially damaged the track of OP1 thus making the change from 12/10m to unlocked quite tricky. It can be done (maybe) but under the magnifier the track has a few issues under the glue.

Having check on other models it’s coming across as either deliberate or careless. Maybe it’s the second as radio will be sold to be unlocked. Quite a surprise when the case is opened.

Above you see the no modification board, just the area of unlock and this has some glue around it. On the right hand side is the area where the 24v would be if it was dual voltage.

The update on Bill, Xenon, Hera and SR-25MC will come shortly. It’s delayed partially due to the modification here and time constraints.

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  1. Back in the day, some radios here in the 2 came with the PLL sealed in Epoxy … that made adding the “funny” channels very difficult.


  2. IPA Cleaner on cotton bud
    RS 132-508
    looks like they have removed solder pad under that white blob Si



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