*NEW* More Dual News

As we’ve reported yesterday indeed we did have a discussion about the “Dual Mike” with one of the men behind it and to say it was interesting would be an understatement. Below we’ve some of the news and a “part list” as still work is carrying on and the process is now I’d say swinging into high speed.

APP: Some are wondering about why you need to give permissions or the app doesn’t work. So Jack V, Mike P, Jase D As it’s part of an integrated system your location is key so when the microphone is connected you can use map and radar. Radar to see users within a few km that are in the same system and map to show where users are located. Without this? Don’t need the system. It will also show traffic reports, restrictions, and information of accidents etc as more things will be added over time as it’s an ever increasing list of ideas. It needs to record audio as this is part of the “Dual Mike” you have two PTT. Normal CB PTT and a small button on the microphone to use the mobile phone as a microphone. So you’ve got over the air and over data communications. (this news via radio dealers and not Midland Europe)

Midland News:

The microphone does feature a DSP to help with incoming audio. That was a question that interested me as “with a six pin mike” that would make it possible to run a DSP mike for example on a noisy SSB radio? Or to receive SSB signals via the app to make noise less or to manipulate it somehow using digital.


When updates are available they’ll be able to be done via the app to the microphone. And they are planning a large amount of new ideas on the system. But you’ll always be up to date as the app will update the phones firmware also. I was quite surprised by some of the ideas but let’s wait till they come. It’s going to be an evolving process so time is the key.

Compatibility List

My interest lies in six pin microphone version and see if this is a way to access DSP on a noisy SSB radio. Below is a small part of the six pin microphone compatibility. The microphone will ship in 4 pin, 6 pin and 4 pin 48 versions.

Now we to wait a few weeks and see when it lands in stores. Thanks also to the guys around Grimsby and also Berlin for the chats yesterday. Was really great to speak with you all.

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