*NEW* Midland Dual Mike €129.90 **Updated** Dual PTT

I’ll know more later in the week after a conference call with Midland but a little more is known after the weekend launch of the “Dual Mike” at the European Truck Festival. Below we’ve the packaging photos and BOY the app was busy this weekend with large amounts of conversation taking place online! Let’s hope it doesn’t stop CB but is a part of it and not take over it! I’ve been quoted a much higher price on the microphone but found this price online at MidlandEurope. But can it be a DSP inside? I’m desperate to find this out.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y72thyul

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7 thoughts on “*NEW* Midland Dual Mike €129.90 **Updated** Dual PTT

  1. Looking good if price reasonable,VOIP on CB as a additional function is next logical step in CB radio radio.
    Looks promising.



  2. Hi Simon,

    thank you for your post about the Midland Dual Mike.

    To your question, yes it a Digital Signal Processor in the handset.

    Best Regards

    Alan Electronics GmbH


    • Hi Good Afternoon.

      Then it’s wow as many never believed it was actually a DSP inside. That’s superb news and will I believe stop some questions. I’m sure Helmut from Combai works to help me in background and so big thanks to him too.

      Anymore news then always feel free to let us know 😇



    • Changed immediately. It’s interesting as a dealer in uk told me £69 on the phone.

      Tell me Helmut, I’m sure you know all about this. Is the DSP a Digital Signal Processor in the handset. Please let us know more about it when you can


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