*NEW* Uniden I’d Make With SSB (from 2014)

I’d thought this one was dead in the water but the last days many have emailed me and even I was asked via messenger about “President & Detachable Front Radio” So I’m back again looking at this and will add an update on the thought process and who knows maybe a maker will see it. YES the original plan was based on a UHF radio from Australia but why not have a look. You can search the original articles under the title above from 2014

What have we learned since 2014

There is now more compact and ultra compact radios on the market so size does matter. The idea I had way back was to utilize the case of the William as the base and then add implementation via the controller head.

RJ-45 or smaller can be used as a cable to run the head although issues would remain with the microphone unless we used a Dongle and Bluetooth microphone or used a simple extension cable like the ham radio makers use.

Use a system like on both Lincoln’s known as “SPAN” to control the frequency change and use it also channelized as shown above but with multi CB channels not UHF


Nobody has the money to invest in this. It would cost a lot in R&D and these days I think Uniden not so interested in leading the way. They let a Lincoln II be made by Qixiang. Could have killed a legacy name until it was resolved by Balaruc and now used by many.

Heat: Small body and big heat. You’d need to keep it really as 4 watts AM FM and 12 watts SSB and many want 50 watts and pay £99 for it. You’d never be able to make it cheap as some markets want

President for example now have Lincoln II +, Grant II Premium, Jackson II and also soon to be McKinley. NO place in the line.

Who’d make it? Uniden I guess has no appetite, Qixiang has no time and space so it would leave someone like Nanfone or Maxon (if they even exist in CB now)

The End

Research & Development


Retail Price

Who’d Manufacture it

If sold across in the USA the Trump Tax would be added making it more expensive

How much it would cost retail ( AND it would be a lot)

Best to get an FT-857d, or FT-891 or some other detachable fronted radio and that’s the choice I guess. It’s sad but it is true.

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