*NEW* CRT Xenon ‘Update News’

So we’ve some interesting news about the Xenon from CRT. With thanks to CRT for listening and also to Qixiang for taking onboard information and not deleting the thought process in the next few weeks etc an update could be at your dealer in the UK to allow UK channels in HF extended mode which will allow you 4 watts, 8 watts and 15 watts FM output power. Below we’ve a couple of videos. The radio you see is mine, has no warranty and the firmware was changed at my own risk and if it had failed then it would have failed, And also this shows us that under the right software environment and with these new series of radios we can upgrade and take away the errors and other things that pop up.

The video is a bit shaky as hold camera, press buttons and record at the same time isn’t that easy. Yes you loose of course the KC and AM option in the new revision on UK40 but it’s FM and not needed at all so well and good. BUT this update and maybe another that I’ve asked about will make this radio more suitable to users.

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