*NEW* CB Channel 35 “1,000 Members”

News this morning arrives of the 1,000th member of the Channel 35 (27.94125 FM) group of operators in the United Kingdom. I’m posting the letter from Laurie and we will ask him to elaborate on how you can join and use the facilities that are open to members of the group. Congratulations and more news below.

Hi there, can you place a congratulations on your blog to CB Channel 35 Club UK who have just broke 1000 members!

We have also re-introduced Ch14 as the calling channel to bring back the good times.

Well done to all involved and the hard work done by the dedicated team and it’s members. We also now have our own shop!

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30/9/18 Ed

5 thoughts on “*NEW* CB Channel 35 “1,000 Members”

  1. Errol LT15 Say’s Woo hoo its brilliant to see channel 35 doing so well as its a grate community and a fun place to chat with lot of tech help from all the members I myself have been using 35 for more than 7yrs and it finally getting the attention it deserves as I knew it Would
    and I would just like to say thanks to Jake who has done a brilliant job as our main host with the most and Laurie and the other admins that have all chipped in and put a great deal of time and effort into bring the channel 35 and UK CB Back to life well done Guys & Girls well done. 73’s 10-10


  2. Yes a big thank you to all concerned at Ch35. It’s a wonderful group of true radio enthusiasts and we are striving to take this club to the forefront of international radio. Myself Laurie, Jake, Dave, Paul along with a strong unit of moderators and technical support are on hand to help and advise wherever possible. In particular, to the hard to reach groups within the community.
    We host a quiz on a Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon and are looking to form a “Junior Net” to get some interest in our younger generation. We have recently had a slot on Radio London and we are going to continue our quest to reach the BBC London News et-al.
    In the meantime, please come and join us on Facebook – CB Channel 35 Club UK or on Channel 35 (27.941.25 UKFM.) and we’ll always do our best for you.

    26LT2303, 26CT2303, 26DDB2303
    CB Channel 35 Club UK
    Membership Logistics and Admin Support

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  3. Hello Simon
    I forgot to mention CB Channel 35 Club uk Now has its own call sign available to Club members Lima Tango ( London Town )
    And we’ve issued over 200 call signs since July

    Hello Mr tango mike 598
    Try and call in on the 35 ukfm any evening of the week and I’ll be listening out for you Or try the Eastern Net on Wednesday nights or Southern Net on Thursdays nights there on usb I Call into them too
    Hopefully catch up with you 👍

    Jake 73

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  4. Congratulations CB Channel 35 Club uk
    I’m Jake Highgate also one of the admins and chairman on the 35 we’ve only been going for a year now and I’m really pleased at the way CB radio has picked up in London and the uk So if your reading this and pondering if it’s worth coming back on Channel yes is the answer the more people fill in the gaps up and down the country the better it gets for everyone
    Also Come and check out the most fun and welcoming info packed CB related FB Club / group out there

    Jake 73

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