*NEW* Where Are They?

Thanks to Paulie for the email and the question. I’ve answered it in private via Facebook and will answer it here also so maybe it helps others in this matter. The problem is that I know almost the same as those who write me the messages. So in the question “Where Are The New Presidents” Answers are below, or what I think are the answers.

January 2018

Released. It was buggy, it was rather strange and it was rather of a not completed project in my eyes. (I guess only my eyes as everyone loves it) I was hoping to find a newly named “Ronald” to see if anything changed. Never found one, never got an answer about if they are released.

February 2018

Released: A rather good little radio. It’s following in the footsteps of all the other mini radios but with added 6 pin microphone, higher power 10 mode and other goodies at a rather good price. A little low on audio on FM but excellent on AM. Liberty integration a little strange but sure it is or will be cured. I currently run this radio mobile with the New York Antenna, and when portable with a SR-A10 or Sirio 5000

March 2018

Available April / May: Not released at the moment and mock up not updated on the page so it’s obviously not coming quickly. I hope they’ve fixed the things on this radio that allows it better use in EU although this 50w AM radio is mostly heading to America according to rumours.

April 2018

Jimmy III: Had an identity crisis and will come as Jim. I’d hoped that this radio was from the Uniden stable as it’s “got’s that” Simple radio but would be a worker On AM which many of us would be happy of. As before it’s not got any new photos on the website so guess the wait goes onwards.

May 2018

End Of Year: The European version of the Richard although as an EU Multi-norm radio. People are excited by the RF Power control. Display looks “Ronald Style” to me. The guess as the website now has a real life photo that it can come.

June 2018

There can’t be anyone in our hobby that hasn’t used a Taylor or any of the versions of it. This version takes the legacy onwards with a true multi-norm and not the resistor cutting versions of the past. Analogue meter and also frequency as well as channel change. Let’s hope it’s not just a to c but a to L. Delivery time unknown

July 2018

Another radio that to me looks Uniden. Like a Harry III hybrid. Currently no I formation and no changes on the website so I guess it’s also missing in action at the moment.

August 2018

Expected December – April: The McKinley EU. Well well well it took some time to come across the pond. This is the radio that I’m the most vocal about. Vocal to friends, vocal to President, vocal to anyone who asks me. “This one needs to be perfect from the box” The USA Version is and remains today the best SSB radio from Uniden in recent times. It’s behavior and how it functioned was and is excellent. Whether engineered in Balaruc or Japan it was and is excellent!! Test it, Test it, Test it! Not on just machines, not just in a lab. I’ve my worries and thoughts and these are known. So we must all wait and see what happens. BUT this is the point of no return in SSB

September 2018

Looks like an updated Henry with push button and not switches to the left of the display. Dual Voltage and USB. According to the site and the lack of updates guess that this is another in the category of “coming soon ”

October 2018

Another radio that will be judged is the Harrison II. Looking a little JFK II’ish around the controls and the Ronald and Bill by the dot matrix text. This can also simply be the software President uses so we need to wait and see as most of the mock-up radios look much better in person (and so they should) Let’s hope it’s hidden features are like the original President Harrison you’ll know what I mean 🎈

10 months of President

A lot of AM/FM Radios it has to be said. We all know the reasons so no need to keep dragging up the reasons for it. What from these are the most interesting on the whole? I guess the Bill ASC is interesting as it’s the first time they’ve entered a market for the smaller radios and still brought a fully featured radio. Other ultra interesting names from this list are Jim, Martin, Taylor IV (due to it becoming a full multi norm) The McKinley as mentioned before with my reservations And for me and these won’t go away until it’s sat on my shelf and is working as well If not better than the USA version. The most interesting will be the Harrison II as the original worked well for me. But as usual I’ll close with the phrase that Markus from NeunerFunk always uses when I’m excited or interested in something “we must wait”

Ambitious Plan for the year. It shows they’ve a lot of ideas, a lot of AM/FM radios and guess it shows 2019 they’ll have even more stuff to come.

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9 thoughts on “*NEW* Where Are They?

  1. It’s a shame as it had some potential the only decent ones I have seen are the hm funk improved versions 😉 thanks for the service doc will have a look


  2. That’s a bit of a pain considering the chrome version does 12 watts straight out the box,will just plod on an await the arrival,nice small McKinley to fit in the car top stuff cb is in the up v v slowly


  3. It’s just standard so no mods at all not sure why it’s set so low From the factory it’s only doing about 6 watts


  4. That’s fantastic news the bigger stocking is just for the box 🙂

    Hopefully it’s not too far apart price wise front the grant 2 currently own a president Jackson classic only issue is the ssb power is down not sure how to cure that problem…..


    • Jackson II is in export mode? What are you realizing in power. Maybe I can find a link to help with that. Price I’ve no ideas at all and size wise it’s 170 (W) x 150 (D) x 52 (H)


  5. Hi Simon somethings are worth the wait that’s for sure going to wait it out an buy a new McKinley eu an see if it outperforms the grant 2 premium


    • Hi Carl,
      I’ve heard today from the very best person to expect McKinley EU “Early January” and like it’s USA 🇺🇸 cousin it’s a Uniden. And it’s engineered in Europe by President.

      We all need bigger Christmas stockings this year to fit it in.

      Hope your well, 73sssss


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