*NEW* Evolution Of Dual Mike

Midlands Dual Mike already is evolving quickly and below we’ve more information translated from German so sorry about the errors. It’s now had a new update on Android and check out below what’s happening. And expect more information from me next week. And I’ve lots to say !

Dear friends of the cbtalk app,

First of all, thank you very much for using the app as disciplined as possible and giving us many suggestions for improvements / changes.

We, Alan Electronics Gmbh, as part of the midland group of companies, are responsible for the German market and are in close contact with our colleagues from development to make the product cbtalk and the dual Mike as far as possible and successful.

Here are some basic information and views.

– the development of the cbtalk app has cost a lot of money and we provide the app for free in the Appstore and playstore for smart phones (not tablets).

– first, the app was developed for use with Dual Mike, the product that is already in use with a few beta-testers. The development of dual Mike has also devoured enormous resources.

– only by selling dual Mike we can cover these development costs and develop the product cbtalk.

– our first target market is, of course, The CB Radio operators who already use a CB Radio and have the ideal complement with Dual Mike.

– the mobile user is foreground. So so far, the restriction to 30 km in ch mode, because when I’m on the highway and looking for information along my route, I don’t need higher reach. On the contrary, that would be disturbing.

– in the next few days, we will bring further dual Mike to beta testers (mainly truckers) to get additional feed back.

– from approx. In Mid-October we will have sufficient quantities for sale.

– in the current firmware version of the dual Mike, there will be no “effects” For The CB Radio function yet. This is where Mike works like a normal preamplifier microphone. From approx. At the beginning of 2019, it will be possible to give the firmware via USB update with some interesting features, e.g. Echo, Roger-Beep, equalizer……

– when operating via the app, the advantage of the DSP is quickly “erhörbar”. by active noise canceling, virtually all noise are eliminated. Even if the transmitter stands next to an ongoing vacuum cleaner, the receiver only hears the voice.

– the loading of the dual MIKE OVER 6-Pole Mike bushings does not go as there is usually not enough electricity available from the radio and the voltage is usually not 5 v that needs to load the battery Will. We will soon offer a cable connection for the -.

– the internal speaker of the dual Mike cannot transfer the audio of the CB device because we should then make a prioritisation of the system. We don’t want that. CB-via hf should have the same priority as the app.

Now to the changes / wishes of the cbtalk app:

– Dead: from now on we’ve activated a time out timer with a lifetime of 1 MINUTE. This should serve as a means of interrupting possible ” Jammer At the moment we are still collecting opinions (across Europe), whether 1 minute, 2 minutes…. 90 seconds….. the right value. We’ll keep you informed.

– blocking users: at present, only we as manufacturers can lock users. That’s what we’ve done. When a user is locked, he can continue listening, but the PTT is disabled. He can install and install the app, but will not receive an access code.

– we will modify the app so that your so-called “Blacklist” is no longer stored on your phone, but on our server. So if a certain skip from multiple users is placed on the blacklist we will see this and can react.

– GPS – Privacy: to better protect people’s privacy, the app is modified to zoom in the map only up to a determined level that doesn’t allow to experience the exact address of a user.

– GPS in the group: if you turn off GPS localization on his phone, no conversation will be possible in the future.

– groups of countries: we want to be able to enjoy the best possible radio, without being able to block radio Therefore, in future, it will only be possible to see the groups of countries whose language has been chosen in the settings. In addition, we will create 5 “International” groups.

Dual Mike – Advantages:

The users of dual Mike will be able to enjoy further benefits in the future.

– 80 channels in ch – fashion. Channels 1-40 as previously and 41-80 exclusive with 100 km range

– in group mode, alarm messages can be left

– 5 additional groups in groups – mode: Dm01… Dm05 in the respective countries

As far as the most important information. Many small changes are and are still implemented. Let’s surprise you.

Your Midland team

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6 thoughts on “*NEW* Evolution Of Dual Mike

  1. Exactly. Maybe the developers can do that, but I have some doubts. If they can restrict the use of the App to owners of a Dual Mike, they should have annouced this from the beginning.


    • People write to me and complain that microphone should be €30 maximum. They’ll never buy it, BUT system with free access they’ll use! This is from UK, Netherlands, Germany etc. You can’t base a system and mike that costs hundreds of thousands of euro to develop and keep it free. CTE/Midland is a business and needs make profits to remain a business. It’s not a charity.
      It’s still not general release so still possible to lock it down


    • The cost is high, yes. But you will buy a system, not just a microphone. It would be kind of crazy to keep access to the app free.


  2. This really is a big project. Hopefully they can handle the workload, especially looking after the app and what´s happening on the net. Maybe it would have been a better idea to restrict the use of the App to owners/users of a Dual Mike.


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