*NEW* CRT-2000 H £110 / €123

They said it wasn’t possible but the people at CRT have done the impossible and have now released the H version of the CRT-2000. So it’s in expanded mode almost identical to Stryker SR94HPc (Power) and the Anytone Apollo II H (with Power) which has the same output as 4 watts, 15 watts and 40 watts FM (in export mode only) And I guess 4 watts and 8 watts AM with some swing to be added.

I will state on other versions of the radio you’ll loose UK setting of 2760125-2799125 so I’ll check and inform later whether this is still the case in expanded mode.

UK Price was taken from Knights in UK

European Price direct from CRT website and they ship across all EU

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8 thoughts on “*NEW* CRT-2000 H £110 / €123

  1. Hi Simon,
    Glad your 2000 H has arrived.Would be great if you could keep the blog updated on how you get on with yours.
    I’ll look forward to it.



  2. Hi Simon
    short update
    Said radio arrived with updated software (but I feel no need to run as radio is good as it came)
    As said,radio works really really well…BUT! it gets MEGA hot!!! within minutes of TX.I would say after 3-4mins you cannot place your hand on the top in high power setting (40w).
    I would be interested to know if anyone else has one with this problem also?.
    I have decided to run it at high power,see how it goes and see if the outputs pop!.It was purchased new as mentioned and has tamper seals….i’ll see how she blows?/goes…….

    Antenna I’m running for 11m is a 2012 with a swr of 1.2 on UK band!.

    oooo the heat!!!



    • Hi Dean
      Thanks for the news. Mine arrived tonight via GLS and it’s on the blog tomorrow. Indeed they get very hot and that’s why some feel the need to fit the MAX MOD from Palmar to make it run cooler.

      Mine came also modified and will run it with the Himalaya WB or with the Stryker SR-A10 and see how it’s going to go or blow the same as you 🧙‍♂️

      Blog tomorrow has all the photos and thanks for the news and again you are the first with the news



  3. Thanks Simon,
    I’ll see what software comes with the radio.I presume it will be the latest?….I hope!.
    So I should be able to get the UK with the top power as you state.
    I have the normal software.It will be interesting to see the difference between the two.
    Thanks again for getting back.


  4. Thanks Simon,
    KCB supply it in export mode with band ‘A’ as UK.You are correct though about it being on a ‘Zero’ ie 27.780 instead of the 1.25.
    I have ordered one anyway as most don’t notice the drop in frequency.It will be nice to have that bit more umphh without using an amp.
    Its a shame that the high power cannot be accessed in UK mode,even in programming.But hey ho! the zero’s will work fine me anyway.
    Thanks for getting back.


    • Hi Dean,

      Ask Dougie about software update to Xenon by CRT. Took almost 10 months of talking to get it but that offers UK in HF mode. So works Band A to M 24-30 and UK1-40 can be done via update and then offers 4 8 15 watts FM 😎

      I think I modified first one with flashing it with CRT-2000 data cable and worked fine



  5. Hi there,
    Does anyone know if this version shares the same software and the standard 2000??
    If so can it have the UK frequencies programmed into it in HAM band? and hence obtain the higher power output OR can the radio be programmed to have high power (40) to the UK band?

    I’d love to know if anyone knows?

    Apart from the above question,I have the standard version in my collection and it does work a treat!



    • Hi Dean, The export Mode is on “modifications II” area of blog. It has different software for programming. It’s got VFO mode but I think it’s only 0/5 ending. So it looses the .125 ending
      High Power in standard UK mode = No



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