*DUAL MIKE* Country Locked?

Has something changed in the world of Dual Mike and now it’s country locked? I know yesterday was an update to Android but it’s almost identical on iOS also so guess it’s locked now. If that’s the case it’s dead in the water in Hungary. Nobody will spent anything on having the system.

Readers! Are you country locked or do you have all rooms and all services enabled on your phones? Please let me know. Or is system error or what’s changed..

Check Option “Add Nation”

You can choose up to 4 nations to be a member of. This is not an option currently on iOS but only on Android it appears

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11 thoughts on “*DUAL MIKE* Country Locked?

  1. Hi Simon.
    Just checked on app for iOS V 1.0.6.
    I’m able to change country in the Profile Menu. Below User Info, you will find “Change your country” or something similar as I’m translating from Italian languange.

    Wishing you a nice weekend, my best regards.


    • Hi Rui. Always a pleasure to read you. Seems all channels away here and 15 private channels as nobody more than 3 or 4 will invest in system I think. YEP GPS same story but as all smartphones transmit always where you are it seems usual these days

      So already system closes ideas. Myself I’d have made it subscription ONLY with offer on rooms you can go too.

      Crazy Days

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    • One more thing I’ve notice, lock is based on the user profile location and not on the location reported by GPS. Change your profile to, let say, Russia, and you will have access to Russia groups.


    • Interesting really. I find it a crazy idea indeed. But why now fake a location to use the app..

      I think it’s a quick way to loose users. I’ve just ordered a second microphone here as was useful. But now I’ve got HU001 till HU0015 for private chat as the system here is expensive and its keen killed even before it is started. Midland I’m quite stunned really


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