*IT’S BACK* Midland GB-1

Although stock has sat on some dealers shelves it’s actually been unavailable for around six or seven months. But now the all in one PMR with fitted antenna makes it’s return to the market. When you add the optional software and data cable you can add an unlocked mode covering 440-451 MHz and with this 5 watt output power. The software is called PRG-GB1

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2 thoughts on “*IT’S BACK* Midland GB-1

  1. This is not too dissimilar from the Midland radios over here for the GMRS service. The only thing I don’t like about the GB version is that you cannot change the antenna as it is hardwired into the radio. That said, I am sure that it is possible to splice the coax and add connectors, but that would be illegal wouldn’t it 🙂 The power out is a little mean on the standard GB version and pretty sparse on the export version. The ones over here run 15w upwards, but the US GMRS service allows up to 50w output but the downside is, you have to get licenced from the FCC to use GMRS….


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