*UPDATE* CRT Space U “Stuff/Internal”

I’m getting a lot of messages about this radio and it’s “weird stuff” when it comes to programming and setting the radio up. As always I’ll do my best to explain what I can and the rest of it you’ll need to ask at CRT France as they are the importers and the sellers and not a user sat in Budapest.

I’ve heard some are supplied somehow locked. You unlock the radio you’ll need the file called CRT_SPACE_U_Set0Set and without this it’s not going to unlock. Simple as that.

Next funny thing. The programming software allows you the steps of 25khz and 12.5khz and no feature for wide or narrow in the software so you don’t get the PMR step shall we say. BUT the radio has the step in the menu as well as 6.25khz step so you can program the radio for what you need.. Easiest way I’ve found..

* Program PMR Channels

* Write to Radio and Disconnect radio from PC

* Then in the menu set the W/N to N and then set the step to 6.25khz and away you go.

* It’s a bit of a faff as seems something’s not really thought out well. BUT the radio is the COM version and as such doesn’t require the wide and narrow plus step in the software.

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