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Thanks Joerg for sending the link and sorry for the delay in replying. Too many things outside of radio at the moment but we will get there in the end. Great idea this quiz and I’m sure that Laurie and his team are behind it? But I’m sure they’ll write and comment if indeed it is the case.

Link: https://youtu.be/HD0aUF5TUP8

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  1. Oh yes indeed everybody! Our quiz nights are proving ever popular for both young and old alike. Questions are generally topical, historical, educational and everyone seems to really enjoy the fun and frolics!
    We have an excellent team of question setters along with our strategically placed listeners to confirm who was “on the buzzer” first so to speak. Boy we do have some fun!

    Jake (Highgate), Paul (Thames Barrier), Jason (Kentish Town) along with the various volunteers who help out on a weekly basis go to considerable lengths to run the quiz to great success. We owe our gratitude for their continued support and tireless work that they put into CB Channel 35 Club UK.

    Tune in and join in the fun every Tuesday night from 8pm. We can be found 27.941.25 UKFM and this applies to every night of the week for our daily net.

    Well done to one and all ….

    Laurie (Sutton)
    Membership Logistics/Admin Support.


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