*IT‘S HERE* President Walker II

In the next days online here we will have a look at the new Walker II. Amongst the new features are TONE so you can in effect set bass and treble on receive. I’ve tried it through a large Palstar speaker and the sound is lovely! Add to it SWR built in like McKinley USA, elec & dyna for microphone.

Initial thoughts are heavy radio, thick paint, big speaker and NO internal adjustments on the board! The radio is going to be here a few days and I’ll have a look at it.

It’s security sealed so it’s not really been dug into! Dealer has put stickers onto it.

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10 thoughts on “*IT‘S HERE* President Walker II

  1. Cheers Simon
    I keep nosing and Nevada and KCB….President did say they would email me when they was on their way to the UK.
    Have waited this long so a bit longer wont hurt.
    Decent value at price quoted me thinks.

    All ok this end thanks.Hope you and your likewise.

    Regards as allways,


    • Hi Dean. Please let me know if you see an advert before me. I’ve seen them in Germany, Holland and France so far.

      I’ll keep looking too! Not long till Christmas 🎄

      Best Wishes🧙‍♂️


  2. Hi Simon
    Do you have any news when this radio will be ready to buy in the UK?.
    Definitely one for the President collection me thinks!



    • Hi Dean,

      Two guys told me before Christmas and between £179~£199 but I’ve not seen it on Nevada yet or anywhere else.. I’m trying make a video show some stuff, hope up at the weekend

      Hope your well



    • In the UK Paul told me he’ll get them before Christmas £179~£199 I think you deal with him (I called him now) My guess cheapest place Czech Rep, Poland and Germany if mail ordered.

      Richard I’d guess more expensive as more stuff inside it. BUT easier to use a Walker as if Richard has programming like Ronald it’ll make

      Channel 1 UK 27.601 would be 16 D on Richard

      Nobody wants that! Walker will sell lots, Richard maybe more USA


    • €209 / £186 plus €16.99 / £15.20 insured shipping. I’ve never seen them anywhere for €298. It was advertised some weeks ago for €189 but wasn’t available at anytime in Belgium


  3. looks good and with no SSB its not a deal breaker I like FM and AM but mostly AM lets hope it performs as good as it looks Simon


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