*VIDEO* President Richard Power

Below we’ve the link to the YouTube video of the President Richard. Like before it was with a not so expensive power meter so results cannot be classed as absolutely right plus the radio is a sample and sure can or will change before it is in your hands. Masa and Daniel, members of IRC and others who’ve asked below is the link and hope it answers some of your questions. As the time of writing this during late December it’s my belief the radio will be released during January (possibly)

Link: https://youtu.be/Ygn6alKAzKQ

As I’ve written before this isn’t a review it is just a look at the power etc for friends who’ve asked me. When the radio is commercially available and one has arrived from Germany “then” we will have another look and see what’s on offer.

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4 thoughts on “*VIDEO* President Richard Power

  1. yes the good uk40 at least you can be on uk 40 when you need to be there it should sell better with the uk40, but it will change on power still a very nice radio, President are shoving the boat out and they look good to roll on the new radios next year my fave will be the new Walker and the Richard.


    • And fine for an amplifier as lowest power below 4 watts (I’d set it as 2 watts) and highest around 40w it’s enough to make some good contacts on the bands.. Trouble is now waiting to see how it comes.. And we need remember these are all 2018 radios so what will they do during 2019 🥳🥳🥳🧙‍♂️


    • It’s PR says 50w PEP but I couldn’t manage that on AM but it’s just a sample so will need to wait till released then order one. I’m fortunate to have seen it early. Reviews and other stuff for others. I’m just happy it has switchable UK channels on and off.


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