*NEW MAGNUM1* Unlock

Thanks to Bubba and Chas for sending me the unlock for the new version of the Magnum1 that’s recently been released. This is he Unlock for any radio with a serial number starting snd higher than 18 at the beginning. In this case I hunk it represents the very latest version with all the enhancements fitted.

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    • Band 3 Frequency List
      A: 26.065 ~ 26.505 MHz B: 26.515 ~ 26.955 MHz C: 26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz D: 27.415 ~ 27.855 MHz E: 27.865 ~ 28.305 MHz F: 24.499 ~ 29.999 MHz
      (12 Meter Band) (10 Meter Band) (10 Meter Band) (10 Meter Band) (10 Meter Band) (10 Meter Band)
      (CB Channels 1 ~ 40)
      (Freeband Mode* – Continuous Tuning)

      50 watts PeP


  1. yes heard all the horror stories but people still buy them if I was after one I would buy the proper magnum radios out there.


  2. Hi Simon,

    Mine is from the first batch of radio when it was released a while back.

    Sorry I cannot be of help to other guys who have the latest one.

    All I can say is the one that I have is awfull and I was very disappointed.Poor frequency stability,missing frequencies and all sorts.

    I should have known better as I tried a Maxlog 8800 and that was pretty much the same.

    Sorry I cannot be of help.

    All I would advise is buy one of the ‘established’ Chinese constructed radios.Even from when they started they was still useable radio’s.

    Just my opinion!

    Dean 73’s


    • Hi Dean.

      Your super kind to reply again.

      Your words are wise and I found the same with M8800 I imported from 409 Shop in HK.

      Have a great evening
      Simon 🧙‍♂️


  3. I’ve got one of these in my collection……….

    I keep seeing it pop up on the blog.Its a horrible radio!.

    I genuinely cannot believe that Magnum have put their name to this radio.Considering when they started in the 90’s,they gave us some great radio’s.Build quality is deplorable!.

    Just my thoughts mind!

    Dean 73’s


    • Hi Dean. Is yours one of these new ones or from the last series that were out a few years back? Because if it’s a new one I’ve got loads of guys who’ve got loads of questions about it 😇

      This is the export mod for the new version so I’m just curious

      Best Wishes


  4. great if you can solder my effort solder a pl259 but far to shaky to do that but a good way to show what to do thanks Simon


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