*SSB Mini / Micro* Size Matters

For around four years now since my article “Uniden I’d make with SSB” I can tell you that quite a lot of talking has happened in China, Taiwan, some EU resellers and others about this as an idea. Until recently it’s always been “the market doesn’t require or ask for it” whereas my email told another story. But! A new conversation has started with a factory interested in ideas I’d messaged so here I’ll share thoughts from those involved about this (mixture of many people and thoughts)

To quote some users “it’s a couple of components so make a Xenon SSB”

Spoke to the factory and it’s too small! Not going to happen.

There is a chance of a mixture of Apollo II size and Xenon for example with 12-16 watts SSB output.

McKinley EU is small, meaning not too deep and it will be the smallest SSB unit from President.

Above was my idea for adaption but money, research, sales, development, line costs kill it immediately but true things change in 4 years so maybe it’s possible.

China is cheap so it costs nothing to design this stuff

Absolutely BS. China isn’t cheap exactly, meaning costs are less but you still need to develop a firmware, circuit boards, source ultra small components and then in some cases need find 4 or 5 people who want the same model to share costs with there different odds and ends in same radio. Then all complain it’s an Anyclone..

And if it’s a President Mini SSB

Cost shared by nobody. All costs paid by one company and then equipment cost is high. And then everyone moans about the cost but they’ve not the luxury to share all costs so it costs more. Plus SSB sells fits and starts and they’d need a constant each month selling. Plus 3 SSB soon available (Grant 2, Jackson 2 and McKinley)

Most Likely To bring to market mini SSB (resellers / makers)






Nanfone / Xenwei



Most likely candidate who can make it and are interested Qixiang I’d guess

What I’m sure absolutely is one will come! It needs to come as it’s needed but could even be Nanfone to bring it while others will sit around.

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7 thoughts on “*SSB Mini / Micro* Size Matters

  1. I’m ready for that here in the USA, the SSB options available today are not very interesting or are very expensive.


  2. This is why I think a purely ssb budget only based set is way to go,so all effort is put into device and no compromises.
    prefer all effort put into a small high performance package SSB only unit

    Make it micro mobile and detachable head.
    Optional cost — remote function microphone with display,keys etc
    Make a transportable slide in adapter for portable users who dont mind paying for bolt on option ,keeping cost down of mobile unit

    least that should satisfy both parties portable pack or mobile\base users

    If you want Am\FM uses a cheap cb,as SSB is really a different market base.


  3. would be nice to see a ssb radio but small for the mod cars but must have am and last fm, but if you just get a good ssb radio some thing on size of a tti 881 as that fits in my car and its very easy to see the display. and the price £290+ I would pay that much


  4. Cost savings:
    drop FM mode
    drop Am mode
    by doing this major cost saving made in filters,design time,FM issues,switching arrangements etc etc

    Dont make it another handheld as design has major failings due to size,over heating and many other design compromises
    Also if its SSB only approvals maybe easier due to one signal mode? but dont quote me

    simpler design with low cost DDS,all smt components
    Fit SSB only high quality crystal roofing filter and IF stage filtering for low noise,high performance receiver,DSP will not be required then,thus saving costs on additional circuitry.
    Fit TCXO 0.5 or better PPM reference for stability,this is one area where SSB CB need to go for stability in any environment use,especially mobile or portable outdoors.
    Add IF shift and Band Pass Tuning of IF to enhance SSB operation for user.
    Fit voice squelch for SSB use

    Make the set Multi-Role
    Mobile 12-24V DC
    Man-pack\Transportable with top TNC mounted antenna jack and internal high voltage batteries or a slide on docking plate to convert to a transportable unit to satisfy the portable users ops.
    A steel tape antenna with goose neck about 1.5m long should be ample length see Procomm Antennas
    If you want portable option buy the option pack,if not needed for mobile\fixed base user
    options and flexibility is key to pricing structure.

    Add a separation cable (supplied) to allow the head of unit to slide off and configured as boot mount set.
    Add 8W audio amplifier so can hear radio in trucks and no more audio struggling
    Die cast chassis for heat dissipation

    Fit a 4 or 6 pin round microphone socket
    Fit a ACC socket on rear for additional function access

    A special headset\mic with display and R.I.T controls could be used as a optional buy
    concentrate the project solely on SSB operators only as this is where most will use it for long range use and Dxing purposes.

    That’s the way i see it,cut out whats NOT needed and put in whats REALLY needed for SSB user and satisfy both mobile user and portable users in one package.The above I just idea’s only.

    Why not do a Poll and send data into Marketing at manufacturers HQ so can see Poll results,least then they may have some figures to work from,rather than guessing ?

    All the best Simon

    RP Comms UK


  5. Will be nice to have a small SSB radio.
    Even a new portable SSB radio will be nice, something like Albrecht 2990 but more reliable.
    I liked a lot the Albrecht 2990 but unfortunately the internal design was not the best.
    A new portable radio with a new schematic design like the Storm Turboextreme but also with SSB will be great.


  6. Please please we the radio public cry out , well maybe not us all but a hell of a lot of mobile user’s are calling out for a small mobile unit . Yeah R n D as well as cost and production can be heavy ,so a shared model is the route to go .The big problem is final cost onto us the buyer , with the anytone aka president killer as you yourself called it but smaller .I for one would happily pay £250 for such a unit but would need to tick all the boxes.
    1. A small unit for modern cars
    2. Output of 12watt max more ,would be good.
    3. Remote head unit would be even better like the uniden you showed.
    4 . Large vfo / channel change and RIT / Clarifier for big hands .
    At the end of the day the above is a dream and dreams sometimes come true as well as pigs fly.It will be interesting to see what they come up with .many thanks from Scott aka Neptune/ 2m0tor


    • Agree with you Scott on most points. IF anyone will make it then it’ll be Qixiang but they are now busy making radios for a large amount of companies.

      2014 discussion started its well documented on the blog. My guess something the size of your CRT-2000 could come but when? And if 6 companies sell it then also sales suffer so my guess it needs 1 x EU customer 1 x USA customer and others outside those areas.

      Guess as Markus tells me “now we must wait”


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