Stevo from Zvolen Slovakia is one of the long standing members of the Slovakian Hilltop DX men. Below we’ve got a link and some photos especially for Nigel M who wanted to see some CB events and snow in the report. Click on the link to see more amazing photos from the event.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/ycd58s2t

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  1. if only I could get up the mountains I would be a happy man, the closest I can get and its on my high spot is 2617ftasl is the best spot and its on a road, and there is a wooden post so use the post for the sota pole and t2lt antenna, and drive on for my pmr antenna with mi mobile crt7u radio, but my good Doreen does most of the work , but this time of year ice and snow can not get up there but spring will be here soon and ………


  2. I used to love waking up to a covering of snow and looking out the window to see me Trusty Tagra 3ele beam froze nand the rotator JAMMED! haha happy days.
    Stephen Hanson is in the mountains and i wish i could swap places ..only in the winter thou .


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