*£184* President Walker II

For those that are open and forward thinking and don’t mind ordering outside of the UK Wednesday you can order a Walker II from Przemek from Konektor5000 in Łódź Poland for the equivalent at today’s exchange rate of £184 plus shipping. Przemek ships already to USA, Japan, Hungary and all areas in between and is a nice guy. Links below as usual.. I’ve not seen a valid price in the UK at the moment so that’s why added this below. And thank you to Piotr for the message on Facebook about the link.

Walker II Link: https://tinyurl.com/yc25h8qr

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5 thoughts on “*£184* President Walker II

  1. cheers Simon.
    Will let you know if any of my contacts get back to me.
    IF anyone does?.

    have a great week.

    regards & 73’s



  2. Thanks for the reply Simon.

    very dissapointed about UK supply.None of my usual dealers and contacts have not been helpfull at all.

    I will see how the walker behaves.I am not sure about the Richard as I hate echo and with me running a linear the RF output is relevant.

    will update as soon as he arrives.



    • I’m not sure if the Richard will be in the UK as basically a higher powered Walker with echo and not EU norms but has UK band on and off in the menu..

      Weird this time nobody was keen to say anything about availability and price. In December all told wait and see and now nothing to say! Maybe UK got weird or nobody ordered it? Not sure but it’s a weird thing really.

      Have a lovely afternoon and greetings from Prague



  3. Hi Simon,

    Got fed up awaiting for UK arrival of the Walker,So have purchased one from our friend @ TW.
    Very good price and delivery charges….look forward to its arrival (Finally!)

    Just wondered re the mod IF it increases RF output?.

    To be honest I run a linear and I am actually happy to use it as standard via that.Just like to like to drive that linear with 10w rather than 4.But eitherway I am finally hoping this little radio cuts the mustard!.

    Regards from UK as always,



    • Hi Dean

      Wire and Jumper and the magic awaits and keeps UK norms. I’ve tried 3 months to get a UK price and nobody helpful and nobody interested to help.

      Let us know when it lands
      Best Wishes


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