*€239.95* President Richard In EU

News from Ronald at Truckerswereld is that the mostly “USA Specific” President Richard is now available in the Netherlands and after so many emails I’ve added the modification of this radio in the Modifications area of the blog. It seems this radio maybe less common in EU as Walker II pretty much is similar. Price excludes shipping but if interested drop Ronald a line at http://www.truckerswereld.nl

At current rates of exchange €239.95 equates to £210 or $274

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5 thoughts on “*€239.95* President Richard In EU

  1. President Richard sold in the US for £130 equivalent…

    President Richard sold in the EU for £210 equivalent…..

    Something just does not add up here.



    • Like with Stryker SR-955 for €600 its niche market, Richard is for USA like JFK II A+ mega bucks as need add warranty and import duties and profit.

      I know a guy who just bought a Grant II and with import and taxes it owes him £390 he’s in Louisiana. Wanted EU stuff so role reversed same as CRT Millenium same time £167 in USA delivered with taxes etc.

      Niche market that’s it! Supply & Demand


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