*IT’S HERE* Nanfone CB-689

Less than 24 hours after departing Hong Kong and with thanks to Nanfone a test piece of the soon to be on the market CB-689 has arrived and will in the next few days be online via YouTube. First thing, this is a 12v radio with multi EU norm settings and for those who want to loose the warranty export mode and high power mode via a few internal modifications.

This radio in UK mode covers UK/CE so just 80 channel today in FM. However after a WhatsApp chat with Nanfone it will be changed, well already is changed to UK/EU so latest firmware allows 80 channels FM and 40 channels AM with 4 watts. This sample of production however has UK/CE as videos will show.

What’s important is this radio will be sold in the EU and also the UK. It maybe appears after the brexit timeline so that’s why mention UK and EU as some are getting offended easily. Radio has the two pin connection for the Bluetooth device from Nanfone, I’ve here a Midland one and will see if it works at all. Microphone looks like the Bluetooth one with added cable, photo below.

Now more to come over the next days. Radio comes with similar power lead to the CRT Millenium V3 and Midland M Mini latest version.

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2 thoughts on “*IT’S HERE* Nanfone CB-689

  1. Looks perfect for a mobile radio. With modern cars having very little space to fit cb’s it should be a winner.
    Can’t wait for info.👍🏻


  2. that is very small and a large heat sink got to see how it works and see who will import to the uk thanks Simon for letting us see
    see it and looking forwards to the next bit


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