*VIDEO* Nanfone CB-689

Finally I’ve managed a video of the soon to be released Nanfone CB-689 and with it my thoughts about the radio. I’ve also an idea that this radio WILL come to the EU so those with small space and or footprint to fit a radio will be covered. Below a link to the video and my thoughts and ideas.


All EU norms covered but in UK it’s UK/CE on this sample and it needs to be changed to make UK/EU (New firmware it’s already changed)

Export: The usual A-L but also needs UK and 5KC drop in export mode to make use of the higher power mode and 5KC drop for Russia and Poland in Band D. (Well into discussion just needs how to add onto a button the 5KC drop but all other options resolved)

Export Mode:

Easy but need also component job done so easy and not so easy in same way. I applaud this idea as export mode was too easy on many radios for too long so it’s a good time to make changes.


Heavy case, buttons click firmly on key press and generally no wobbly knobs and quite well put together. As it’s got a higher power option I’d probably make the power cable thicker but that’s about all.


No ideas at all


Wait and see

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/EqHZA-i7w94

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