*NEW* President Walker II “Tuning” €280

It had to happen and it has! Przemek from Konektor5000 in Łódź Poland has announced that there new “tuning” version of the Walker II is now online and can be bought and shipped across the EU and beyond. Below we’ve got the details of the Modifications made.

output power regulation: AM up to 8W (30W PEP), FM up to 30W

assembly of a high-current lighter plug (it is necessary when powering from the ignition socket after increasing the output power)
unblocking to the Export version – 400 channels
filter replacement II p.cz. for a better quality Japanese muRata 455 HT ceramic filter – improving selectivity
replacement of filter I p.cz. for a better quality quartz filter 10.695 KNKTR – improving selectivity, reducing noise
improvement of AM modulation – increase of broadcasting volume – a reinforced microphone is not needed
Modification of AM modulator – adding treble in the transmission path – more “sharp” modulation
assembly of the S-METR indicator filter to obtain a precise indication of the signal strength
tuning / checking the radio receiver – checking / tuning the receiving channel.

It’s on the website here: https://tinyurl.com/yxnga3vu

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2 thoughts on “*NEW* President Walker II “Tuning” €280

  1. Hi Simon from the uk would be good to see what these modifying wizards can do with the new president McKinley when it’s drops bet it


    • Hi Carl. I agree with you. My guess not much other than the usual will be able to change. These days who knows when it will come? Let hope it arrives on or before the sporadic-e season otherwise will be a quiet time..


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