*DUAL BAND* Midland CT-590S

I’ve been told that I’d missed this radio on the blog? (Think it’s been featured Dave) So if that’s the case I’m happy to remedy the situation with showing it here now. Price around €70 and covers 144-146 and 430-440 MHz with 5 watts high power and 1 watt low with 50 CTCSS tones and 204 DCS codes. For the interested people it also comes with FM radio 88-108 MHz and has the useful 6.25 kHz step.

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3 thoughts on “*DUAL BAND* Midland CT-590S

  1. I think it actually looks more like the Quansheng than the Baofeng. Antenna looks like a Nagoya, maybe an upgrade vs. the average CCR.


  2. Hi Simon , well it looks like a baofang or a wouxun to me . think i will not bother with it this time . still waiting for the President McKinley to arrive . President in France told me late December or early January . Mabe some faults on the production line or its not coming. keep up the good work mate .


    • Hi Brian. Agreed it’s a Baofeng!

      McKinley my guess is not early than May. I think no issues on production as it’s not made! I think with all the other radios to come from 2018 it’s coming along nicely. It’ll arrive in time for sporadic-e season my guess



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