High SWR vs Anytone AT6666

Here we go! From the man behind the channel king we’ve a video of transmitting on an Anytone 6666 with no antenna connected and the result. The Anytone as we know runs FQP13N10 output transistors and there’s been talk for a long time about those suckers exploding, popping and generally not playing ball. Enjoy the video link below!

Link To Video: https://youtu.be/AVPYf5gFOVA

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2 thoughts on “High SWR vs Anytone AT6666

  1. Ive done the same thing with a Lincoln 2 and a 5555N and not had any of them pop/blow/spit fire lol.. The only time i had issues with the 13N10 was the first 2 years of the Stryker 955 and 655 radios. The later revisions of the radios never had issues with them or 2030s. I repaired many of the early 955s. I laugh when i see Hard Drive posting videos about these and others… its all a sales gimmick..


  2. This should not be a surprise to anyone. The usual places we hear about these exploding radios are shops trying to sell Palomar ERF2030s and max mods claiming the max mods protect your radios finals and that the ERF2030 is invincible. Seen more than a few of those exploded, too.

    You need to consider the sources of the exploding radio myths. Guys trying to sell upgrades.

    High pressure sales tactics. That’s all it is.


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