*NEW* Detachable Front SSB Radio

It’s going to happen! I’m not in a position to say when but the fact that it will happen is the key thing here. Its something I’ve been talking about with resellers since 2014. You can look up on the blog “Uniden I’d make with SSB” This new plus model looks like a Yaesu in many ways we’ve got the information below about the new Anytone AT-6666 Plus transceiver. ALL what’s known at the moment is below so take a look. For the countries that require “cheap” it won’t be due to all new processes, board, design and implementation of the device.

Power: Estimate is 30-50w SSB and 30w FM and 12w AM

Design & Specification can change during its development before release.


Gabriela @ Anytone wrote about the Yaesu and photoshop so above is the Yaesu. Nothing but transparency here. But think about it!  Gabriela @ Anytone writing bad about her own company and there products? All isn’t what it seems..

Only the foolish think it’s an April fool.. Look at your calendars it’s not April 1st..

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6 thoughts on “*NEW* Detachable Front SSB Radio

  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ANYTONE!!! Keep moving with technology as you seem to be the ONLY plowing forward with all NEW technology designs for our industry, meaning NEW designs, not just simply old chassis in new outside shells. KUDOS to Anytone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Photoshopped will = reality different I’m sure.

      Also reality is it SSB not just AM/FM

      When will you have some new devices? Let’s add them here as many watch the blog. Also via mobile devices

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  2. Very nice copy of Yaesu FTM-400DR. They even copy the whole picture and photoshop the front. Seems main body is almost same as in the original picture. Very professional way to copy!


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