As I’ve read clearly lots of rubbish about this radio and people have bought them on Amazon for $239 I can’t sit back and really look at lies, false statements and generally strange behavior coming from mostly the USA with a little from the UK so below are some calming words to help you in your day.


Yes! Only in a catalogue released in time for the 2019 Hong Kong show. It’s to showcase what can and will come over time.


Yes the photo is photoshopped and won’t be the final version I’m sure of this. I think the body will be more like Apollo II style maybe. Screen maybe bigger. BUT we’ve got to wait, this is simply an idea of what something can be.




Stryker sells this now = False

I’ve tested this radio and didn’t like it (user in USA) = False, not manufactured

I’ve read online it’s $139 = Absolutely complete rubbish and not true

It’s an April joke in poor taste = False, catalogue page below. Germans can’t google it so it cannot be true! Hm wait and see

Even got told that the same factory makes Stryker? I mean telling me. I knew who were making Stryker before the first radio was released, back in STRYER sample days. BUT Stryker have different ideas and also ways than other companies so a standard Anytone is nothing like a Stryker, only from the same facility.

Samsung mobile phones and Apple iPhones and iPads are manufactured by Foxconn. But you buy an iPhone or Samsung and not a Foxconn.. So just because Qixiang make it doesn’t make it an Anytone as it’s a brand name and not the factory name..

So sit back, relax and enjoy the months ahead. It’s not going to be available quickly. SSB is such a small market, low solar cycle, tooling, design, costing, R&D to be done. When all AM/FM, DMR, handhelds are done then sure they’ll look at the plus I guess.

Maybe it’ll even come looking like the radio above?? Who knows? Only the factory

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  1. Bonjour, hello . Test antenne Thunderbolt SSD 58 on your site ? Your site it’s the better. Thanks for all.


    • Bonjour Xavier. Many have tested the Thunderbolt 58 and DRX111 5/8 and both are working very very good and well made antennas. Jon 14FDX058 uses one too I think


  2. Hi Simon,
    There’s no doubt QIXIANG are a bit further down the development path on this , more than just line drawings and mock ups.

    I’m sure it’s being shown now prior to the Hong Kong expo to gauge interest and see what wholesaler/ retailer / brand is interested in the product before they push on to final samples etc.

    Whoever jumps first will own the product and it’s looking like something that definitely will be good for a brand to claim ownership of and have in their product catalog.

    QIXIANG build good products and how good this one will be will depend upon the standard that the initial buyer sets as their quality requirements to place their logo’s onto the radio.

    We all remember the Midland 79-290 with it’s detachable front plate and how good that had the potential to be if it was marketed correctly.

    Interesting times to be in the industry , no doubt this radio will be coming but who will be first to get their branding onto it.

    There is a huge untapped market for a radio very much like this in a standard 40 Ch AM/SSB FCC type approved version also – That will be interesting to see.

    The full Bluetooth head/handheld unit is a likely add on for this radio also I’d guess.

    The end product won’t be cheap but as they say “The poor man pays twice”


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