*VIDEO* President Richard “Engineer Mode”

News from Richie “Radio Brooklyn” in the USA of the “top secret” as he states engineer menu on the recently released President Richard. BUT it’s now out there already! I’ve the service manual for the Richard and also dedicated page for the set-up from the manual. I took the stand that lots of Lincoln II were destroyed by people playing in the menu so why break more radios? SO below is the relevant page from the manual. Interesting it was sent to a customer! In Europe all shit flies and denials when these things are mentioned. Same guy sent it to quite a few people as I received from 6 people in a span of 12 hours a few weeks ago..

“Sent from the engineers at President” If the statement is true I think it’s not so smart.

Service manual I’ll still refrain from releasing as see no value as radios are under warranty so return them to the dealers.

President offer the longest warranty repair so contact your dealer or them directly as its better than “google search repair”

The original text included a video, however this was deleted as it was not showing correctly with an error. Plus GDPR EU privacy issues as I was informed by the hosts of this site

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  1. I love my Richard.its top notch.

    I have already done the above with top results, but I won’t divulge values so not to encourage messers to void their warranty.

    What would be good to know is access to the walker II advanced menu so I can lift it’s audio on FM.

    I haven’t had time to search the net to date to find out more.
    Any info would be appreciated

    Best 73’s


  2. Agree,if your not got the correct test equipment ie a proper calibrated Radio communications test-set and the proper skills (That’s does not mean two U-tube video’s- self proclaimed hobby engineer types out there) and all the test jigs,special cables,full service manual ,leave well alone,or seek expert who has or request dealer to do so,as these new CB cannot be reset back to default values as each one has be aligned specific to radio on test.The data is stored in a chip,as now all these sets use electronic methods to adjust levels,just like Land Mobile Radios do it,if you screw up a level then store it,you can end up having all sorts of troubles and chances are,when you try to correct your mistake,you will further muck up the levels.These new CB are just like the Land Mobile Radio types with a lot of engineering functions,tracking front end,band-pass filtering,VCO coverage range,CTCSS,Deviation top,mid ,bottom of band,RF power band pass ,RSSI,Squelc levels, etc

    Let the dealers do any modification work or requests (just ask the question,they wont bite),that’s what they there for,as these new breed of sets are not like the old school CB radios,they need specialized tools and kit and skills.

    Ive personally worked on these new types soft pot CB radios,so know what im talking about,plus 35+years in Radio & Electronics Industry
    If your going to attempt this,you must have all the right kit,skills (including SMD soldering rework tools) ,Service Information and knowledge before hand (often this is not shown in these types of videos shown),not after the event has happened.
    Seek a expert or ask Service\Dealer dept first,your request and why,they may surprise you if you can talk directly to the Engineer,most are pretty switched on people in Industry,and often dont hear direct feedback on an issue either by email or phone,or even snail-mail,its no good moaning on chat forums either,speak directly to dealer of manufacture if radios has a new production issue or has a particular problem try to resolve issue there.

    Im not trying to put people off ,just a realistic view to these new types of CB sets coming out and how easy you can screw them up,even engineers Ive seen make mistakes in these soft pot radios!

    So def not for the hobbyist anymore,unless rules above apply or in the industry,by all means watch the vid’s posted up (even I find them handy to watch),take it in for curiosity factor …But be very very very careful and do so at own risk if do not take the above common sense warnings ive just stated and end up a dead door wedge radio to your pile.
    Common Sense applies here…

    If your really that keen!
    learn to become a Professional Radio engineer for Skills (it takes time) and get into radio 2 way radio industry.,you may even get some good RF burns on the way while learning!
    Or find a Radio engineer mentor.

    That’s my 2 pence worth on this subject Simon,just be careful kids and use that grey matter!

    73’s Rob P
    RP Comms UK


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