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Radio is a funny hobby. I was asked if the original article could be featured on a German site and I told sure ok. Then came the next list of demands. Test the PA there should be two. And record a video without LED and PLC noise. Photo the sides and the back. Make videos on FM and SSB. In 7 1/2 years in Hungary I’ve made 1 QSO on FM here locally and that was two weeks ago with Norbert 109HA1495 as all people use AM/SSB here. Today is the last day this radio is here, it’s weekend and LIFE isn’t just radio!

Radio will become available soon enough and many people can make various video tests etc. For me am happy to have looked at one, made a few good within legal standards contacts and will be happy to see one when it’s released and from my normal dealer. Until then enjoy the photos.

I’ve read on a couple of forums that this transceiver is the work of Qixiang because the person who wrote it told “i know it absolutely” So for the last time I put the record straight. The McKinley is designed and engineered in France and other EU countries with ideas from people within the EU. The radio is manufactured in Vietnam by Uniden. The radios board is branded President as it’s engineered by them.. So absolutely it’s Uniden Made! Engineered by President.

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2 thoughts on “President McKinley EU Photos

  1. Hello Simon,
    I read your page every day especially since the Mc Kinley Eu was announced several times a day. Your commitment is wonderful and sufficient do not let you squeeze.
    Even the rude people of post last week you have to ignore. Time is money, so I reward your work with Paypal and am satisfied with everything that comes, and do not bother.
    I wish you more people like me.
    Thanks and regards Armin-Sel / Heidelberg Germany


    • Hi Armin.

      Your kind to write. Each day, each hour today someone wants something new and special about the radio. It’s hard to fulfill everyone’s requests as life gets in the way of hobby sometimes..

      Not much more McKinley news. Yes maybe export mode but comes later as can’t open something I’m not allowed to play with as it’s not mine and has to go other places in EU mode.

      Regards & Read you soon
      Simon 🧙‍♂️


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