President McKinley EU The Price??? UPDATED

Take a look over to and Stephan has revealed to me some interesting news based on a telephone call from a Funk Handler to Stabo the German arm of President. I’ve hyper linked the news here so please all head across to the website and see for yourselves the information directly.


I don’t know if true or not

I’ve no idea but could be

I’m not entering a “I think the radio is worth x or y”

Listen to the funk show online, forward to 6 minutes 22 seconds for news.

I would say wait and see (c) Markus Neuner

However. Engineered by engineers with EU salaries, Japanese involved with Japanese salaries so expensive people and not engineered in a cheaper place. True Made in Vietnam but costs are costs, profits needed. Nearer €300 better than nearer €400 but it’ll be what it will be and then people sure will decide. It’s not my fight…

I’ve just heard expect a price point of around €249 But let’s wait and see 🧙‍♂️

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