I’ve actually tested one of these for a UK dealer months back when he’d considered it for his business. Back then it was not branded. Under the hood it’s pretty much a copy of the Qixiang Mini. It worked really well to be fair and had great audio. And now it’s for sale via Radioddity so an interesting development really.

AM model is designed for US area or wherever else FM is illegal. The FM band is locked and you may not switch the frequency band.

AM/FM model is designed for all areas. You can switch the frequency band standard (norm) as you need. There are 9 different frequency band (US, DE, UK, IN, PL, I, EU, I2 and CE) for you to select.

AM Only Version $59.99 / €54

AM/FM Version Around €54

But doesn’t cover 80 UK channels only 40 then change band. It’s a knock off of someone else work. But in unbranded TeamUP CB-27 it worked well. It was quoted as 4 watts and 8 watts export. I never found export mode or higher power mode as was missing in the test piece. It was achieved in same way as Mini & Smart by Qixiang.

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