*CONTEST* 11 World Wide

News of a new eleven meter contest that comes in two parts. One in the summer and one in the winter. In my opinion no matter low conditions what an excellent idea. Below we’ve the weblink to take a look. Click the right hand side of the start page for the drop down menu, it’s in English & Italian.

Link: http://www.cq11ww.org

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4 thoughts on “*CONTEST* 11 World Wide

    • How it reads it would say that you can cause QRM to UK CB channels between 27601-27851 but if follow “local rules” you’d need to use 12 watts SSB on EU band.

      Think ultimately it’s a SSB contest on the hi band for pirates wrapped up in some words to say keep it legal which you cannot on the band’s specified


  1. Concerning SSB channels allowed for the contest they write in their rules: “We strongly recommend to use the lower section of the band (from .400 to .495) along with the higher part (from .605 to .850).” This is obviously mostly outside the legal 11 m band. Then they write “Participants are encouraged to comply with current legislation regarding the use of their equipment and the allocated band.” This would leave 27,405 MHz SSB as the only channel on which participants can meet both rules. How is this possible? Or do I get something wrong? Can I also participate on the 40 CEPT channels SSB?


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