Vanishing Radios & Antennas Of President

Matthijs from the excellent drew my attention to it some weeks ago and more recently others have questioned the fact that some radios and antennas have vanished from Presidents website. I was asked my opinion and it’s below. Want the REAL reason if it exists ask them directly! Below are my words on the subject.


Over the past weeks a few radios from the 12 months of President vanished from the website. AM/FM Multi-Norms such as Wilson and Harrison. My opinion is even with these gone there are still 14 radios left! It’s ENOUGH. No need rehash more of the same. It’s sad the Harrison vanished. I’d ask this to be reconsidered if anyone listened, otherwise so what!

President read ALL social media. Wait and see what will come, can be they’ve just gone secretive*

*Secretive for 39 of 40 years.


For Jacek, Mark T, Geoff W and others YES it seems a few antennas indeed have vanished.

Texas 1800 Power ~ Buy a Colorado, almost the same antenna Just black and one piece whip. Performance will be good!

Indiana ~ Choose something else!

So nothing to see here, bring the new Randy it should be special, bring Martin, Harrison and McKinley. These are all 2018 radios remember so maybe they are secretly working on stuff in the Balaruc CB Dungeon.

Last word to Markus from Neunerfunk ~ Let’s wait and see…..

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  1. It’s all radio world there not the only ones doing it .if it does not sell stop making it , it’s how it goes


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