Catch Up News Of Not Much

Back to regular service now that new radio time approaches and in some cases not really much to report so I’ll add it here so you can see it copied across the usual copycat sites in the UK, Spain and Germany. So look below for the latest news about the radios you’ve been pinging me about!


Anytone Doris – No news

Anytone 6666+ Detachable Front SSB – No news

Anytone AT-500m – Dealers have samples to check out

Reworks of current Anytone SSB Radios – Nothing new

Answer: The AT-500m has been sent to resellers to check it over, this has been confirmed by one of them. All the other radios and details Nothing to report

One blog recently became very excitable that the McKinley had adjustments inside! Yep it’s Uniden. The new series Anytone will have possibly 2mm technology and not the 4mm as some models now, plus NO adjustments and additional features added by software! Result is radio more reliable as can’t be messed around with, more reliable only things like volume, squelch, display can become worn. PLUS more expensive so cheap countries and people will cry again like always….


McKinley EU = On The way to resellers

Martin ASC = No news

Taylor IV = Seen it, tested it and worked really nicely

Randy III = No news at all! Last of the 2018 celebration year radios with features

Anything 2019 NEW Coming = Nothing heard of, nothing mentioned


Small DIN sized radio = No News At all. Samples were sent out, no news at all


SR-955 HPc = Latest production hit the stores in USA recently

Soon comes summer holidays and then autumn maybe kicks off the release season….

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