*ORDER NOW* Mc Kinley EU €319.95

Already orders are flying in with availability from 11th June 2019 comes the Mc Kinley EU. I’ve heard from Ronald at Truckerswereld that already UK customers are ordering and quantity is small. Below we’ve the details and link to the site which excludes shipping from the Netherlands,

Blogs in the UK will start moaning, copying and complaining how UK is unique! But already orders made in the Netherlands from the United Kingdom. So get copying my words like 24-30 MHz and not noting it was me who said it!

In the UK people copy me. It’s a form of flattery for people who don’t know anything other than to moan.

As of exchange rate of today = £284 plus shipping. Which for me is too high! And as Dave M0OGY quoted “two to two and a half hundred quid (£200-£250) so sure he thinks it is high too I guess?

Link To Sales Site: https://tinyurl.com/yygp9lwy

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  1. morning Simon moaners will moan but we all know were to come to get the right info and great tests its radio and its a great hobby, its a good fair price for a very good radio


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