*NEW* President Mc Kinley £239.99

Something for the moaners and thank you John C for sending me the eBay number for radio below. Not sure if you’ve bought one but as we see a much more favorable price. The moaners continue to make a noise about this radio but as I’ve said now for the last time it’s finally going to its real price. The eBay number is 153518960159

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15 thoughts on “*NEW* President Mc Kinley £239.99

  1. This looks like the FCC model with just mid band and won’t have UK block on it (I’m certain) as it’s not listed as the EU model.


  2. If you buy 2 you get them for £227 each so if you and a mate wants one its a no brainer.


  3. I saw it on Ebay too came straight here and seen you had posted about it!
    Free delivery too😀


    • Brilliant news! Kamil = Kamsat is a good guy plus he sells the Albrecht 2002 tuning mikes from Konektor5000 and they work like stink..

      My own McKinley not arrived but it’s ordered just not landed at the dealer so far. Let us know how it works when it lands 🧙‍♂️


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