One Day Special I.O.T.A Today

On air as 14AT/ME020 Summertime and people travel and with that comes the possibility of some good radio events. Today we see a one day event of “Sainte Marguerite Island” on the air from the island group EU058. Below we’ve got all the information should you work this island on the air.


Saint Marguerite Island

The 19/06/2019 2019

Activated and qsl by 14AT216 Jean Baptiste

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3 thoughts on “One Day Special I.O.T.A Today

  1. Hi Tim. Yes was surprised and asked him was the call correct and he told me YES ME020 was correct. I’ve seen the ME020 advertised and also EU058 too. As they say WFWL

    Work First Worry Later

    Hope you made the log too


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