President Mc Kinley “Free UK Delivery”

Thanks to Rob, Paul, Gareth and James for the messages over the past days about NevadaRadio. So below we’ve the link to show that the radio will be in stock here shortly / is in stock now for £279 including UK delivery. Not sure if you’ve ordered yours or have just noticed the advert. Thanks for messaging me! Now just let’s see some videos and no more sales pitches please…


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4 thoughts on “President Mc Kinley “Free UK Delivery”

  1. Hi Simon the radio is really good,one question are any of the pins on the mike live as it has up an down on the mic



    • Hi Carl. Yes PIN 6 carries the voltage. Liberty Mike draws power from this. So, be careful wiring stuff.

      Pin1 Modulation
      Pin2 RX
      Pin 3 TX UP / Down
      Pin 4 Empty
      Pin 5 Ground
      Pin 6 Voltage



  2. Mine arrived yesterday! Last one of Knights first batch! First impressions are good, i like it! We will see how we go over the next few weeks! Dropped in on the 27.125 Tuesday Am net last night and had some great reports on the audio!

    Cheers for now!👍


    • Your one of the first with information Kevin. President normally excel on AM and quieter on FM. Anytime you’ve more news and information please consider letting us all know.. In the meantime wishing many good contacts


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