Price Drop? President Bill ASC

I’ve been asked if the rumour is true that a price “decrease” will come to the President Bill. I guess the “I think the radio is worth” people will clap hands immediately. Obviously nothing heard from Balaruc and indeed prices of around €90 I’ve found. This evening I’ve found €79 for the radio in the Netherlands and also €109.95 in the Netherlands. So in some ways YES it appears in some areas to drop and in others NO

Netherlands : €79 found and €109

Czech Republic (includes exchange rate KC to €uro: €94

Germany: €89.90

Slovakia: Didn’t find for sale

Spain: €99 till €113

United Kingdom (includes £ to €euro) : €101

Poland (includes Zl to €uro conversion): €94 lowest found was €85

Romania (includes LEI to €uro conversion): €97 and highest €128

Bedienungsanleitung President Bill Deutsch


Make up your own minds! Maybe something new is coming….

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