CRT Makes Changes?

Seems things are happening in the world of our hobby. A nose around the CRT pages seems to show they are now bundling some odds and ends with radios and indeed including some with software and CTSS where before was nothing! Sign of the times or the sign of slipping sales as the radios some of them are now getting a little long in the tooth maybe? And seems nothing new on the immediate horizon.

The 9900 v4 is a cracking radio. I’ve one I bought used and a new one and it works super well. It seems to have dropped in price a little based on cache of the website of some weeks ago.

CRT Xenon is a great working radio BUT if needed push button channel change on the radio (1 year of telling factory and same 1 year to get UK in extended mode) The Millenium v3 also works better than the previous versions but it has its quirks that needed to be squashed. Mini V3 is an excellent radio! Almost the same as a Xenon with no display. All the radios has plus points and ALL have negatives. Sad times!

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