*NEU* Team FX-CB & Weblink

€109 will soon buy you a new super thin CB from Team. Yeah Yeah it’s AM/FM and launched today by NeunerFunk in Germany earlier today. Below we’ve some of the information. It’ll be 12/24 volt working and include country options below. Expect availability across the EU from around the end of the month into September. I’ve tested a very old version of this and it could have many hidden surprises inside maybe but not worth loosing the warranty over!

  • DE: 80 FM / 40 AM 4 Watt
  • EC: 40 FM 4 Watt
  • EI: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt
  • EU: 40FM 4 Watt / 40 AM 1 Watt
  • PL: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt 0kHz
  • UK: 40 FM CEPT 4 Watt und 40 FM UK 4 Watt

Nanfone don’t listen! 40 channel UK and CEPT FM!! Wake up and use EU with AM/FM. So it’s already classed badly before release. What’s the point!!!!

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y5b5oukq

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  1. Any chance to open it up to cover the freeband freqs? Interesting packaging for sure, I didn’t think they could get them much smaller than the AE6110/Anytone Smart


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