Anytone AT-578 U/V III

Thank you Daryl whose emailed me with a little more information about the Anytone AT-578 UV III. I’m informed it’s close to completion and Daryl is quite excited with the features of the radio and believes this is going to be a hot seller as he informed me! Below we’ve a photo and a little more news.

  • Cross band repeater function (analog-analog, analog-DMR mixture, DMR-DMR)
  • Dual RX simultaneously (Analog+DMR or Analog+Analog)
  • Allows UU , UV, VV and VU dual band
  • Full duplex talk same as the mobile phone (with BT earpiece or wired earpiece)
  • Two power transistor PA for higher power
  • AES256 digital encryption
  • 136-174 & 400-480 MHz
  • PTT Over Ride in digital channel (allows the supervisor to start the transmission while the worker is talking)
  • Weather Alert
  • And lots more

Prices should start around $300 for the basic version and top out at over $400 for a fully loaded version with Bluetooth, GPS and everything else installed. But Daryl wrote this can of course change in the USA after September 1st when the rate of the Trump tax would be raised up again.

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