Nanfone CB-689 “Modifications”

As we’ve seen a few of these radios have now been released and indeed others are set for release or coming soon. Below are some of the modifications that I know. Many will take credit and send them onwards as there own work which actually pisses me off as it’s my time and energy and often many hours of unpaid work in discussions about this. Use the modification BUT remember it’s my work and also remember easier and safer not to touch, need high power? Buy an amplifier and don’t stretch the components. And if want BIG audio buy a big mans radio and not a CB radio!!!!!!!

Close the jumper and loose all multi norm capability and enable 25.6 upwards

Close the jumper and it’s ready for high power mode BUT only works now still in legal 4 watt power mode. To fully enable export mode power follow the rules below.

Hold PTT +DOWN key then turn on the power, the screen will show current powr level is LO or HI, then use the UP and DOWN key to select the power you want , press the PTT to confirm. 

Remember this is a cheap CB. It’s not capable of some features people want. If you truly want big men’s toys then buy a big mans radio. Don’t buy a cheap CB and expect it to be an Icom, Kenwood or Yaesu…

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