Team FX-CB Latest Update

To the nine people who’ve wrote to me asking about whether I’ll test or have the Team FX-CB I’m answering your messages together via the blog. I was sent a radio from Germany and it arrived via DPD. The radio was connected and showed ASQ on, display off and in dE band. I turned the display to Green, turned off ASQ and signal meter dropped to zero and from there it was a lead weight.


Spent from 7am till 11am (in WhatsApp) doing tests with the factory, swapping antennas as the engineer in China told was antenna issue (it wasn’t) and continued via power and receive tests until at 11.02am it was certified as R.I.P. An unknown error possibly in the receive line could be to blame and now I’m awaiting quotes from couriers as I’m asked to ship the radio back to China for inspection.

No sound from the speaker both internal or external

Power was fine between 3-4 watts

No rattles, coughs or other. Was simply a mute radio.

Team know about this issue and signal it also as an unlucky incident.

I will receive another unit direct from China and will add this to the blog and YouTube when it is possible.

In the meantime if you’ve been more successful than me please send me a video link and I’ll feature you on the blog with pleasure.

This is also a great reminder to people who export mode stuff before testing in EU mode! You could have an issue on any radio from any manufacturer so be very careful before unscrewing and tinkering around inside of a radio. Mine was in legal mode! Nothing changed at all

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