EU120 Activation Postponed till 2020

(Bad Weather has stopped access to the island) Here is one for the island hunters amongst us! Lundy Island In the Bristol Channel will be on air weather permitting on or around the 24th September till 26th September. Below we’ve got an advanced look at the EQSL should you make the contact and information how to get it.

I’m pleased to announce that the first IOTA (Islands on the Air) Special Activation for this group is planned to happen on or around 24/09/2019.

Matt 26PD(X)2767 is hoping to activate Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel using the callsign 26PD/EU-120. Details and eQSL information found at and at, More details to follow and we wish him the best of luck.

(Awaiting activation by admin on Cluster DX)

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One thought on “EU120 Activation Postponed till 2020

  1. Interesting location (Island) to operate station. Hopefully Matt can make the safe trip in better weather. Always good for CB stations to be set up in remote locations.


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