Radios Not On Blog / Maybe Stuff On Blog

I’m answering if you’ll allow it 15 emails in one article as it makes sense due to time and interest constraints, As we’ve seen a lot of radios have recently been released and below I’m adding what you’ll not see here anytime soon and maybe something you’ll see come. Reason! The Hungarian forint is at the lowest level in a long time so makes it actually a waste of hard earned money.


I’ve tried two of them now and both didn’t work well. One not at all and the second worked but sadly not as expected and expired after around 48 hours. So not trying a third one. I don’t see the point.

Thunderpole T-3000

It’s been reviewed already. Click Here :

President Martin & Stabo XM3006e

Not sold in Hungary and only can be bought in euro. Expensive plus shipping. Plus not seen on eBay yet only a lot older radios on currently.

Was going to order one BUT voted against it as a dealer told me just two days ago “not to bother” Was a new dealer for me in France (Via eBay) as others couldn’t supply a radio. Could buy online in Spain but again high postage, time delays and so passed over.

Midland Dual Mike Cordless

I find this interesting but not released so far. Then needs time to get it while waiting the forint to increase against the euro

This is the mobile charging device. It costs around €28 and I won’t have this I imagine.

Hope that’s answered your questions. If you’ve tested send me the news and I’ll happily add it online here for you.

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